Pioneer Recycling Services, LLC formed in 2014 to purchase and operate two existing Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in the Pacific Northwest from SP Fiber of Dublin, GA.

In December 2021, Tommy Crenshaw (CEO) and Greg Ryan (COO), with private equity backing from Delos Capital and The Silverfern Group, purchased the business from the founders, Steve Frank and Dave Claugus.  Pioneer Recycling provided seamless service throughout this transition.  For the last 18 months of the previous ownership until today, Tommy and Greg have led the day-to-day operations.  They bring many years of recycling industry accomplishments, coupled with success from a diverse industry background.

Pioneer Recycling is managed with the key objective of providing both cost effective and consistently reliable service.  To that end, the ownership has continually made capital investments in cutting-edge technology to remain the low-cost, highest-quality recyclables provider.

Our company is known for being “easy to work with” and for building strong, authentic business relationships which ensure everyone’s success—ownership, team members, sales customers, and supply customers.