Pioneer Recycling Accepts a wide variety of materials for recycling including but not limited to:

Comingled Residential Mix
Comingled Office Mix
Office Paper
Plastic Containers
Tin Cans
Aluminum Cans


Items accepted in either comingled residential or office mix include:

Cereal, Shoe & Food Boxes
Office Paper
Magazines & Catalogs
Junk Mail
Paper Bags
#1 Plastic- Soda & Water Bottles
#2 Plastic- Milk Jugs, Detergent & Other Cleaning Product Bottles
#5 Plastic – Dairy Tubs
Large Plastic- Buckets, Laundry baskets
Aluminum Cans
Tin Cans
Pots & Pans


Please DO NOT Include the following items in your collection container:

NO Hypodermic Needles

NO Plastic Bags

NO Wood

NO Food

NO Liquids of any type

NO Clothing

NO Garden Hoses or Rope

NO Batteries

NO Christmas Tree Lights